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Penetraion Testing

Penetration Testing

By leveraging our extensive experience in Cyber security, we design PenTest services that covers the whole 9 yards, from the vulnerability assessment through exploitation testing and custom indicators of compromise design.
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We focus on delivering custom trainings which show the practical side of information security and privacy, covering the specific needs of Key employees, C-level executives and Security Agencies.
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GDPR Services

GDPR Services

GDPR consultancy services cover end-to-end GDPR compliance process. From the initial audit to full implementation and outsourced managed DPO.
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Our Team

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About Us

Our company invests in services which help you stay on the verge of the ever-changing cyber resilience standards and privacy regulations.

We align complex requirements with business goals. Our innovative approach future proofs companies’ transformation in the era of disruptive digital environment. Guided by industry approved best practices we develop easy to follow processes, practical solutions, products and services.

Based on our extensive experience we have built a comprehensive framework and a portfolio with clear vision for the future of privacy and cyber resilience.

Our Vision

Innovations are booming and helping business be more agile and competitive. They transform our society and lead us to the digital era. The ability to collect and analyze information is easier than ever. It happens fast and invisible for us making our lives more comfortable, but the complexity of the process rises concerns about security and privacy. We believe there could be a balance between innovation which moves us forward and the adequate measures for security and privacy, which protect our ability to innovate. 

We developed a portfolio that supports this balance and covers all main areas that deliver cyber resilience.




We value discovery of uncharted territories. Constant strive to find the hidden business potential in technologies and upcoming regulations is a norm for us. Our goal, when we innovate, is create services that bring the resilience of the future, today.


We believe dedication to solving complex challenges for our customers is what commitment truly means. Being part of our culture’s DNA, it empowers our strengths and never lets us give up until successful outcome is achieved.


Transparency for us means to put our customers’ needs first. We are not afraid to state the hard realities in a complex challenge, but we always strive to offer a simple and elegant solution.


We believe competency is essential for everything we do. Continuous augmentation of our professional capabilities is what we endeavor. This process we’ll never stop.

How We Work

Our Usual Process

Listen. We listen carefully what the challenge of our customer is.
Prepare. We prepare what is best for our customer.
Propose. We propose options and let our customer choose.
Deliver. We deliver no matter what.
Improve. We Improve our offerings and products.

1. Listen

We listen carefully what the challenge of our customer is

2. Prepare

We prepare what is best for our customer

3. Propose

We propose options and let our customer choose

4. Delivery

We deliver no matter what

5. Improve

We Improve our offerings and products

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