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The essence of the DPO role is to provide governance over the GDPR compliance program. It is perceived as the extension of the Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and a form of an additional reassurance that the regulation is followed. It also provides synergy between data subject, DPAs and organization communication.

Our Awareness DPO package fully covers the requirements of Art. 37-39 of GDPR in an offering suitable for any organization regardless of its size. It is designed to provide guidance and consultancy for any GDPR related question.

By choosing this DPO package you get competent and real-live knowledge in the following areas:

Advises related to Privacy Policy

Advises related to Register of Processing

Advises related to Incident management and breach reporting

Advises related to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) conducted internally in the organization.

To make the Awareness DPO package more practical we:

Help you with the GDPR Compliance proofs generation

Provide GDPR Awareness trainings for key personnel

Do oversight of the compliance improvement plan

Do quarterly report to Top management

Enterprise Addon

Organizations with complex internal structures and dynamic and various business models need constant assurance that they are in compliance. To answer those needs, we developed Enterprise DPO add-on which provides: 

GDPR GAP Analysis

Detailed tailored GDPR trainings with more than 18 topics

Executive monthly bulletin and

Strict SLA

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