korr. Managed DPO

As essential as GDPR governance is, it mandates strict business operational requirements. Those requirements lead to organizational and business processes changes. Such transformation is time consuming and include specialized training for the necessary tasks.

Our Managed DPO offering augments Awareness DPO package by taking care of the GDPR operational process full scope.

By trusting our competent consultants your organization gets:

Privacy Policy continuous review

Building and management of the Register of processing

Building and management of the Data subject’s right requests (following strictly Art. 12-22)

Data beach reporting management

In addition, you can rely on our attendance of internal key discussions related to security and privacy topics. Leveraging our extensive experience in information security and data protection we will provide help, support or fully manage the selection process for data subject’s privacy protection measures.

Enterprise Addon

Organizations with complex internal structures and dynamic and various business models need constant assurance that they are in compliance. To answer those needs, we developed Enterprise DPO add-on which provides: 

GDPR GAP Analysis

Detailed tailored GDPR trainings with more than 18 topics

Executive monthly bulletin and

Strict SLA

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