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The principle of “Accountability” in GDPR mandates responsibility to demonstrate compliance. Even though it is not written in stone, the presence of documented procedures will be expected by DPAs. GDPR’s risk-based approach to data subjects’ personal data protection gives freedom to organizations to deal with that matter as they perceive reasonable. But this freedom enforces Risk management process in place.

Optimal DPO package is designed to upgrade Managed DPO and includes:

Building and management of Risk Management process

Preparation of the necessary GDPR compliance procedures

Also, you can rely on our presence on all meetings or discussions related to business development, innovation and organizational changes. Due to business dynamics and privacy regulation changes we will provide GDPR stress test every quarter to assure ever-green compliance.

Enterprise Addon

Organizations with complex internal structures and dynamic and various business models need constant assurance that they are in compliance. To answer those needs, we developed Enterprise DPO add-on which provides: 

GDPR GAP Analysis

Detailed tailored GDPR trainings with more than 18 topics

Executive monthly bulletin and

Strict SLA

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