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Billions are invested in cyber security technologies every year and the trends show sustainable growth in terms of innovations towards cyber resilience. Still the weakest link in the digital ecosystem is the human factor. Experienced adversaries use advanced techniques to exploit the curious by nature human psychology and manage to bypass technology controls and measures. To fight this common threat, we offer organization-specific series of trainings which strengthen the employee’s abilities to detect and mitigate human factor vector attacks.


Cyber security awareness

“One size fit all” model is hardly suitable for bringing up cyber security awareness. Every organization has its unique team which perceives security and privacy exclusively based on internal and personal habits. We are goal-driven and will shape the scope and time duration to fit your organization particular outcome requirements, regardless of the current awareness level.
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GDPR Awareness

Many months have passed since GDPR was finalized and published. Yet many organizations feel uncomfortable with the practical side of it. In out awareness sessions wtranslate the complex articles into easy to follow steps towards compliance.
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DPO Empowerment

This training package is focused on complex organizations with strict standards towards security and data privacy. It covers deep dive into GDPR, data protection and IT and Risk management.
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